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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sheriff Steele's Security Tips - Password Privacy

Hello Pandanda Citizens,

I heard from a lot of you that my last blogpost inspired you to make your passwords stronger. That makes me so pleased, and proud of you! Your password is the first line of defense in keeping your Pandanda account safe.

Now that you have a strong password, you must keep it private! If you tell it to even one person, you have put your account at risk. Remember, not even a member of the Pandanda Staff will ever ask you for your password.

Here is today's tip for keeping your Pandanda account secure:
Never tell your password to anyone, for any reason
  • Don't tell your password to anyone in Pandanda, or in any other place, such as a chatroom, message board, a blog, in an email, over the phone, by text, or in person.
  • Don't tell your password to your friends, brother, sister, cousin, or anyone else (except your parents).
  • Don't tell your password to the person who says they will get coins for your account, take care of your dragons, do Quests for you, collect Festival items for you, or anything like that.
  • Don't tell your password to the person who promises to make you an Elite member.
  • Don't tell your password to the person who says they just want to see what you have on your account.
  • Don't tell your password to the person who wants to trade accounts with you.
  • Don't tell your password to ANYONE, even if they promise they will not do anything to your account.
Remember, if you tell your password to anyone, anything that might be done to your account is your responsibility.

Not sure if your password is private? All you have to do is change it! Use the Change My Password link at http://play.pandanda.com/, and follow the tips I gave you on Tuesday for creating a strong password. Then keep that password completely to yourself!

Stay tuned for more important security tips, coming soon!

Keep it safe, Pandas!
Sheriff Steele

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sheriff Steele's Security Tips - Strong Passwords

Hello Pandanda Citizens,

Sheriff Steele here, with some advice on creating a strong and secure password for your Pandanda account. Did you know that the best protection for your account is a strong password that NOBODY knows? (Well, you can, and should, tell your parents, but that's it!) Telling your password to anyone - even your best friend - gives that person permission to go on your account. And while they are on your account, they can do pretty much whatever they want. Just remember, YOU are responsible for your account, no matter who goes on it!

Here is today's tip:
Make a password that is VERY hard to guess.
  • Your password should be completely different from any other password you have used.
  • A strong password is one that cannot be found in the dictionary.
  • A strong password contains at least six characters - more is better. However, the limit is 18.
  • Your password should contain a mix of numbers and capital and lower case letters.
  • Your password should be something someone who knows you can't guess.
  • Never use any part of your real name, Pandanda name, or email address in your password.
Today would be a great day to check the strength of your password. If it doesn't pass the test, go ahead and create a new one!  Just go to http://play.pandanda.com/, scroll to the bottom and click on Change My Password.

I'll have another security tip for you this week. Thanks for reading!

Keep it safe, Pandas!
Sheriff Steele

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free Elite Member Day Fun!

Hey Furry Friends!

I hope you are having fun during Free Elite Member Day today! I stopped in for a few minutes this morning to say Hello and bounce around in a Snizzle Fizzle bubble. Snizzle Fizzle potions make me giggle!

I snapped a couple of pictures of the Snizzle Fizzle Fun. And in case you are wondering what FEMD is, it means Free Elite Member Day! Much easier and quicker to type, don't you think?
Bouncing around in Bear Hollow
FEMD = Free Elite Member Day
Have fun today!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Elite Member Day Saturday!

Hey Pandas!

The Harvest Festival celebration is well underway and I've seen tons of excited Pandas gathering caramel apples to trade for the awesome festival prizes. The fun continues this weekend with 
another Free Elite Member Day this Saturday, August 27th!

Everyone who logs in on Saturday will have full access to all of Pandanda's Elite Membership features for one day!* You can use your Pandanda coins to buy anything at the Clothing Co. on East Market Street! Decorate your tree house with furniture from the House & Tree catalog, and unlock your tree house to have friends over! You can adopt a pet dragon from the Pet Shop! And you can even buy a Horse Companion from Questy, if you have reached a high enough Quest Level!

This event is for one day only starting on Saturday at 12:01am PST and ending Saturday at 11:59pm PST so don't miss out!

*Non-Elite pandas will get to keep all the Elite items purchased Saturday but will not be able to use them after Saturday without an Elite Membership, except on future Free Elite Member Days. Questy’s Horse Companions are Elite items. Dragon eggs will remain in your tree house, and will hatch later in the week.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Festival Begins Tomorrow!

Yes, it is that time again - time for the 2nd Annual Pandanda Harvest Festival!  The Festival starts tomorrow, August 23rd, and ends on Monday, September 5th. I think the Harvest Festival is one of my favorite Pandanda festivals. I am always so happy when the temperature starts to get a little cooler after the summer, and the Harvest Festival is a super way to celebrate!

There will be special decorations and music all over Pandanda for you to enjoy as you collect caramel apples. Mmmm, caramel apples!! But these apples aren't for eating, oh no! When you have enough, you can go to Harvest Grove to trade them for special Harvest Festival prizes.

Make sure to visit the Clothing Co., too! There will be 2 new items for sale that can be bought with Panda Gold.

While you are waiting for the Harvest Festival to begin., check out the Beach Party Photo Album on Facebook. It will be a great way to remember the summer fun we had in Pandanda!

I've also put up an easy new Poll - What is your favorite season of the year? Make sure to vote!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beach Party Day Pictures

I hope everyone had a great time during the Beach Party on Wednesday.  I know I did! I spent a little over 4 hours visiting with my panda pals during the day, and I made lots of new friends.
Happy Beach Party Day!
Coconut Beach was full of pandas having fun in the sun and sand. Let me tell you, that sand can get HOT!
Party in the sand!
Then it was time to cool down by splashing around in the Pandanda ocean waves.
Splish splash!
All that activity made us hungry, so we toasted marshmallows and made s'mores around the bonfire- so yummy!
Toasted marshmallows + chocolate + graham crackers = S'mores!
I took a lot more pictures during my visits, but I am still getting them ready for the Facebook Album. Once I have it finished, I'll post the link here so everyone can have a look! Thanks for making Beach Party Day such an awesome event!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Party Day on Wednesday!

It is time for an end-of-summer Beach Party in Pandanda! You'll notice sandy beaches and tropical music popping up all over Pandanda Land tomorrow, but THE place to be will be Coconut Beach!

A lot of pandas will be starting school soon, so this will be a great time to relax and share some good times with your friends. Splash around in the waves, go for a ride on your surfboard, or just soak up some sun on the warm sand. As the sun goes down, gather around the beach bonfire to roast some hotdogs or make s'mores. Yummy!

And don't forget, I will be visiting Pandanda tomorrow to party on the Beach with you! If Coconut Beach is full in one server, head to another server. I will be making the rounds so I can see as many of my Panda pals as possible!

Here is the schedule of  my Wednesday Beach Party visits. Just click on each link to see what time it will be where you live!
3am Pandanda Time
9am Pandanda Time
1pm Pandanda Time
5pm Pandanda Time

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the beach!

Friday, August 12, 2011

More Blazin' Hot Red Day Pictures!

 I just got finished uploading the pictures I took during Blazin' Hot Red Day to Facebook, and let me say,  I'm glad I've got an air conditioner! Just looking at those pictures reminded me how fiery hot you all made Pandanda Land on Thursday. It is so awesome when I log in on special days like that to see so many of you participating! You rock!

Here are a couple more pictures from Thursday. You can see all of them on Facebook in the Blazin' Hot Red Day Photo Album. Remember, you don't have to be a member of Facebook to follow that link and view the album!
The blue freeze ghosts didn't stand a chance!

I hope we didn't boil the fish in the pond!
Make sure to check out the new list of Photo Album links over on the right, just under the Official Henry Tracker. I will be adding links to more Pandanda Photo Albums soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clothing Co. Fashion Update on Friday!

You've been asking for it, so here it is - a fashion update at the Clothing Co.! Friday's update will bring some new summer fashions as well as some older items in fresh new colors.

I had a blazin' hot time visiting during Blazin' Hot Red Day today! It was great to see so many of you getting into the spirit and dressing in red from head to toe! Purple is my favorite color, but I must say I loved all of the fiery reds!

Here are just a couple of the pictures that I took during my visits. I'll post more tomorrow, as well as make an album on Facebook!
Where's Henry?
Dancin' Red in the Purple Door!

Melting the Ice Cream!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blazin' Hot Red Day!

There are just a few more hours until Blazin' Hot Red Day in Pandanda! That summer sun is so hot that it is turning pandas RED! Check it out - it's even turned me and my dragon red! Whew!
I want to see everyone dressed in as much red as possible for this fiery hot day! Red Panda Paint, red clothes, red accessories, whatever you have that is red, that's what you should wear!

And keep your eyes open - you never know when you might spot me flying through the skies like a streak of fire! I'll have my camera ready, looking for lots of Blazin' Red Pandas!

Flame on, Pandas!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Voting Time Again!

Hey there, friends! Thanks for voting in the "What is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Pandanda" poll. 1,209 of you voted, and your favorite Pandanda activity is.....drumroll please.....QUESTS! I knew Quests would be popular. I'm super glad that you all enjoy them!

Here are all of the results from the poll - remember, you could vote for multiple answers:
1st place - Quests (655 votes)
2nd place -  Buy clothes and dress up my panda (519 votes)
3rd place - Meet and chat with my friends (492 votes)
4th place - Dance! (377 votes)
5th place - Buy furniture and decorate my treehouse (330 votes)
6th place - Go fishing (320 votes)
7th place - Play multi-player games ( 288 votes)
8th place - Play single-player games (223 votes)

This week's poll is fun! If you could be one of the Pandanda citizens for a day (you know, the ones with the ! or Q over their heads) who would it be? Cast your vote and let me know!

Party on, Pandas!

Friday, August 5, 2011

August Arrives!

Well, my panda pals, we are entering the last month of summer. The sun is high in the sky and it is very hot in Pandanda land. I bet a lot of you are hanging out down at Coconut Beach, soaking up the sun, then taking a dip in the water to cool off. The Big Scoop is another fun place to meet your friends for a chilly cone of tasty ice cream and a game of Line 4. And don't forget about chasing ghosts at Misty Hill! If you get hot there, just let a blue ghost catch you. There's nothing like being trapped in a block of ice to cool things off!

I've got some fun events lined up for everyone this month. Next Thursday the 11th will be Blazin' Hot Red Color Day. Drench your panda in Red Panda Paint, then wear red clothes and red accessories to show the summer sun that you are red-hot!

Then on Wednesday the 17th it will be Beach Party Day! We will head over to Coconut Beach to surf, swim, picnic, and even just lay in the sun being lazy. I will be making scheduled visits during Beach Party Day. I'll post the times as we get closer to the party.

One of my favorite Festivals begins on Tuesday the 23rd - Harvest Festival! Those caramel apples look so tasty that I'd almost rather eat them than collect them to exchange for prizes. But just almost! The prizes are sure to be awesome!

There will be some more fun events added to the calendar, and I'll let you know all about them soon! But now, I'll leave you with a picture that Mod Skippers sent me from Free Elite Member Day last Saturday. Looks like a Snizzle Fizzle party! Bouncing pandas everywhere!