Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pandanda Fun in December

Great news! The Pandanda Weather Forecaster is predicting SNOW sometime this week. I hope it will be on Thursday. Wouldn't that be an awesome way to start December?

It's a good thing Fitch at the Clothing Co. is getting in a shipment of winter clothes on Thursday. You'll be able to bundle up in some warm new clothes for the snow! Hooray!

And that's not all to look forward to on December 1st! Thursday will be Pandanda's first ever HUGE DAY! Visit Paige in Bear Hollow and stock up on Dragon Tears Potions. Drink the potion and become HUGE! I want to see Pandanda full of humongous pandas on the first day of December!

Here's a peek at the other events I have planned for December:
  • December 5th - Zing reveals his 4th prize
  • December 7th - Red and Green Color Day
  • December 10th - Game Day
  • December 11th - Zing's last day in Pandanda
  • December 15th - Winterfest begins
  • December 20th - Special Day (theme to be announced soon)
  • December 23rd - Christmas Outfit and Caroling Around the Tree Day
  • December 25th - Christmas Day with a Gift!
I will also be announcing a contest later this week! Watch my blog for the details!

I'm ready for December!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Free Elite Member Day!

It's here, it's here! Another fun Free Elite Member Day has arrived in Pandanda Land. It's the day when everyone who isn't an Elite member can get a little taste of all the fun you can have with an Elite membership!

Everyone who logs in today, November 26th,  will have full access to all of Pandanda's Elite Membership features for one day!** You can use your Pandanda coins to buy anything at the Clothing Co. on East Market Street! Decorate your tree house with furniture from the House & Tree catalog, and unlock your tree house to have friends over! You can adopt a pet dragon from the Pet Shop! And you can even buy a Horse Companion from Questy, if you have reached a high enough Quest Level!

This event is for today only, Saturday, November 26th from 12:01am PST to 11:59pm PST so don't miss out!

**Non-Elite pandas will get to keep all the Elite items purchased Saturday but will not be able to use them after Saturday without an Elite Membership, except on future Free Elite Member Days. Questy’s Horse Companions are Elite items. Dragon eggs will remain in your tree house, and will hatch later in the week.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Pictures

Hello friends!

There are just a few hours left until Free Elite Member Day starts at 12:01am PST. While you are waiting, I thought I'd share with you a couple of pictures I took when I popped in for a Thanksgiving visit on Thursday.

It was so happy to have the chance to tell you all how thankful I am for you, and to sit around the Thanksgiving table and chow down on the tasty turkey legs! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Pandanda Pals! I am so thankful to have you all as my friends! I hope you will take some time today to think of all of the things that you are thankful for. Make sure to let the people you are thankful for know how much you appreciate them!

Today would be a great day to gather your Pandanda friends around the Thanksgiving table at East Market Street to share your thanks, and to enjoy the company of each other. Make sure to pick up the free yummy roasted turkey leg from the Clothing Co. catalog to nibble on while you chat.

After you've stuffed yourself with turkey, it's time to get moving! Get your panda some exercise by playing Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill, and by traveling all over Pandanda collecting gems, fruits and vegetables, and recyclables. Make sure to sell the things you collect to the vendors so you can earn coins to spend on Free Elite Member Day on Saturday.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Elite Member Day This Saturday!

Hey there, Pandas! I hope everyone has gotten their free Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Leg from the Clothing Co. Catalog! They sure look tasty! And check out the new poll about Thanksgiving Dinner. Boy, just looking at that is making me hungry! 

Here's something else to be thankful for - we've got another exciting Free Elite Member Day planned for this Saturday, November 26th!

Everyone who logs in on Saturday will have full access to all of Pandanda's Elite Membership features for one day!** You can use your Pandanda coins to buy anything at the Clothing Co. on East Market Street! Decorate your tree house with furniture from the House & Tree catalog, and unlock your tree house to have friends over! You can adopt a pet dragon from the Pet Shop! And you can even buy a Horse Companion from Questy, if you have reached a high enough Quest Level!

This event is for one day only starting on Saturday at 12:01am PST and ending Saturday at 11:59pm PST so don't miss out!

**Non-Elite pandas will get to keep all the Elite items purchased Saturday but will not be able to use them after Saturday without an Elite Membership, except on future Free Elite Member Days. Questy’s Horse Companions are Elite items. Dragon eggs will remain in your tree house, and will hatch later in the week.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week!

Today is the first day of Thanksgiving Week in Pandanda! There is so much to be thankful for that we need more than just one Day of Thanksgiving  to celebrate!

Make sure to visit Fitch at the Clothing Co. to pick up your free Thanksgiving Gift from his catalog (especially if you are hungry!) Fitch has also added a couple of Pilgrim items to the catalog for Elite members.

Pandanda Land is decorated for the holiday. Check out the big Thanksgiving dinner table set out for you at East Market Street. It holds a Thanksgiving feast of  turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce and a delicious pumpkin pie. You can gather your friends around to table to share what you are thankful for this year.

For you Questers, there are 10 Quests this week instead of 9, so you can earn Panda Power a little faster this week! Some of the Quest Givers even have special Thanksgiving Quests for you - turkey feathers, anyone?

Even Zing Ballyhoo's new prize this week has a sort of Thanksgiving theme. How do you get it? Just collect 10 Golden Tickets from all over Pandanda (except in treehouses), then exchange them to Zing in the Treehouse Lobby. Choose your prize carefully, because you only get one choice!

I am thankful for all of YOU!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Week is Coming!

Hello Panda Pals! Next week is Thanksgiving Week in Pandanda. I know a lot of you will be out of school for at least part of the week, and some of you even get the whole week off! That is certainly one of many things to be thankful for!

When you log into Pandanda during Thanksgiving Week, there will be a cool Thanksgiving gift for you to get. I hope you'll get to spend extra time with your Pandanda friends, and talk about the things you are thankful for.

Zing will also have his second prize available on Monday. You still have two days to get his first prize, an awesome silver necklace with  moon, heart, and star charms. Just collect 10 Golden Tickets, then visit Zing at his tent in the Tree House Lobby to exchange your tickets for his prize.

And make sure to mark your calendar for another fun Free Elite Member Day next Saturday, November 26th. For one full day, everyone can enjoy the privileges for Elite Membership for free! It is a great way to give Elite Membership a try!

Party on, Pandas!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn Color Day!

Hi friends! Today is Autumn Colors Day in Pandanda! Let's make Pandanda look like it is covered with autumn leaves. Wear your red, yellow, and orange Panda Paint, and any clothes and accessories you have in those colors. Then dance your way through Pandanda like the falling leaves!

I see many of you have already gotten Zing Ballyhoo's first gift! If you don't have it yet, all you have to do is collect 10 of Zing's Golden Tickets that appear around Pandanda. Once you have 10, visit Zing at the Treehouse Lobby and exchange them for a prize. Choose carefully, because you can only get one of Zing's prizes each week! He will have his second fabulous prize next Monday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome Back, Zing Ballyhoo!

Our blue and gold friend Zing Ballyhoo has returned to Pandanda Land at last! He has set up his tent at Treehouse Lobby, and has hidden Golden Tickets all over Pandanda (except in tree houses) for you to find.
Once you have collected 10 Golden Tickets, you can visit him at his tent to exchange them for his awesome prize of the week! Remember, you have the choice of either his prize or some coins, so choose carefully. You only get one choice each week!

I hinted on Friday that there would be a Color Day this week, so here's the update! Autumn Colors Day will be this Wednesday, November 16th. This is your chance to wear all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves of Autumn - red, yellow, gold, orange. Need some inspiration? Head to Harvest Grove and look at the trees out on the hills beyond the fence. 

I definitely feel the air turning cooler and cooler in Pandanda. I love this time of year!

Hunt for those Golden Tickets!

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Party Pictures!

I hope you all had an awesome 11/11/11! I had a lot of fun with you all during my visit at 11:11am Pandanda Time. We played lots of games of Ghosts of Misty Hill and Bunny Chase. But instead of awarding Panda Gold to the 1st and 2nd place winners, I made the 11th, 22nd, and 33rd place pandas the winners!

Congratulations to the following pandas for winning 11/11/11 Panda Gold:

AvataraBG boojalatte3 callme1memo candy6785
Cathuin colourman CoolioJake craziekatie32
DaNieL4O17 dorinela123 dudals22 gobito5
jlong josie421 minimoose Mistral
muneca644 mvp123456789 Omma14 Pandas4fun
Penguitt Rosscp symie8 veggiegirl
verdito25 Weegee6624

Check out these pictures of some of the fun!

Make sure to mark your calendars for the return of Zing Ballyhoo on Monday. And start looking through your closets for clothes, Panda Paint and accessories in the colors of Autumn. I feel a Color Day coming on next week!

Party on, Pandas!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Wacky Pictures and an 11/11/11 Instant Party!

Tomorrow is one of those once-in-a-lifetime dates - 11/11/11. None of us will be around the next time the calendar reads 11/11/11, unless someone discovers the Fountain of Youth, or can make a Philosopher's Stone! So we'd better celebrate it while we can!

Join me in Pandanda tomorrow at 11:11am Pandanda Time for fun and games. You can click that link to see what time the party will be where you live.

I hope you enjoyed the Wacky Day pictures I showed you yesterday. Here are a few more wacky collages for you to enjoy!
I hear Zing Ballyhoo is getting excited about coming back to Pandanda on Monday! Golden Ticket fun awaits!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Silly Wacky Day Pictures

Wow, you guys really showed off your silly and wacky side during Wacky Day yesterday! Mods Jinxsey, Maxxwell, Jamesey, and Jozie told me about all the fun they had with you. Jamesey commented on the great wacky outfit combinations you came up with when he played "Presto Changeo" with you. I love to hear things like that!

My internet decided to have its own Wacky Day yesterday, so I was only able to make one short visit, but I will pop in and surprise you some on Thursday!

I've put up an album of the Wacky Day pictures you sent in. I really got some good laughs out of your outrageous outfits! Here are just a few of the pictures from the album:


Pandanda pandas are the most awesome pandas ANYWHERE!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Silly Wacky Day Tomorrow!

It's time again! Time for another day to get silly in Pandanda! On Tuesday, it is your chance to dress and act your silliest!

Yes, I know Halloween just ended, and you wore awesome costumes for that. But for Wacky Day you really want to go completely miss-matched, weird, wild, and silly. Check out the picture above - I bet you can get even crazier than that!

I will be making some sneaky visits, looking for wacky pandas, and even doing some wacky contests, along with the Moderators. Who knows what kind of silliness we might get up to? Wacky fashion shows, wacky jokes, wacky rules for Panda Gold games. You'll have to pay close attention to any Mods you meet tomorrow - if they shout out "Presto Changeo", everyone has to stop what you are doing and change at least one thing you are wearing! Why, you ask? Because it's wacky!

And if you think you have the wackiest outfit ever, send me a picture at screenshots@pandanda.com.

All the fun happens Tuesday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Psssst! Surprise Furniture Updates!

In case you haven't noticed, the Pandanda Team sneaked in some updates to the House & Tree Catalog today! And it looks like they remembered that my favorite color is PURPLE! Woo hoo! I've already given my tree house a makeover!

Happy decorating!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Day of Pumpkin Festival!

That's right, today is the absolute last day of the Pandanda Pumpkin Festival! You still have about half a day to collect candy and trade it for the prizes in the Cauldron of Prizes on West Market Street. Don't wait until the last minute to exchange your candy for prizes - once the Cauldron is gone, it's all over for this year!

It will also be your last chance to visit Draco the Ghost in The Parlour of the Haunted House. If you are working on one of his Quests, make sure to complete the Quest and return to Draco to get your Panda Power and coins. Once Draco bids farewell to Pandanda, you will no longer be able to turn in his Quests.

Today is also the last day to get the hidden Halloween shirt. If you haven't found it yet, ask some friendly pandas at East Market Street where you should look for it!

Yes, today is the end of some things, but don't worry! We are going to have fun in November. Next Tuesday, November 8th is another weird and wonderful Wacky Outfit Day. It's your chance to dress your panda in the most mixed-up, crazy outfit you can find.

Our traveling friend Zing Ballyhoo will be back on November 14th with more Golden Tickets and interesting prizes. During Thanksgiving Week, November 21-27, you can log in to get a special Thanksgiving gift for your panda. And on Saturday, November 26th, you can give thanks for another awesome Free Elite Member Day!

I've got a few other things under my hat for November, but you'll just have to be patient to find out what they are! As always, the place to get the most up-to-date information about what is going on in Pandanda is right here in my Blog!

Party on, pandas!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Costume Day Photo Album

Hey, friends! I finally got the Costume Day photos up on Facebook. You all did an awesome job picking out costumes for your pandas! Here are just a few of the pictures that were sent in. You can check out all of the pictures in the Costume Day Photo Album.

There are still a few more hours to get the free Day of the Dead mask from the catalog in the Clothing Co. And you have until the end of the Pumpkin Festival tomorrow to get the free, hidden Halloween shirt. Don't miss out!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dia de los Muertos in Pandanda

Today and tomorrow we are celebrating Dia de los Muertos /Day of the Dead in Pandanda. In some cultures the two days of November 1st and 2nd are called All Saints Day and All Souls Day. But whatever you call it, these are days to gather with your friends and family to remember, honor, and celebrate loved ones who have died.

One of the traditions connected with Day of the Dead is the use of skulls. Decorated skull masks, and chocolate or sugar skulls to eat are very popular. When you log into Pandanda during Day of the Dead, make sure to go by the Clothing Co. on East Market Street to get your free 2nd Edition Day of the Dead Mask from the catalog. It is really cool! Check out Mod Jule in last year's Day of the Dead mask.

While you are at East Market Street, don't forget to look for the hidden Halloween gift. I've seen lots of pandas wearing the gift, and it still makes me jump when the t shirt flashes "BOO!" Awesome!

You have today, tomorrow, and Thursday to finish collecting candy for the Pumpkin Festival. Make sure to exchange your candy for the prizes in the Cauldron of Prizes before the end of the day on Thursday, so you don't miss out!