Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Voting Time Again!

Hey there, friends! Thanks for voting in the "What is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Pandanda" poll. 1,209 of you voted, and your favorite Pandanda activity is.....drumroll please.....QUESTS! I knew Quests would be popular. I'm super glad that you all enjoy them!

Here are all of the results from the poll - remember, you could vote for multiple answers:
1st place - Quests (655 votes)
2nd place -  Buy clothes and dress up my panda (519 votes)
3rd place - Meet and chat with my friends (492 votes)
4th place - Dance! (377 votes)
5th place - Buy furniture and decorate my treehouse (330 votes)
6th place - Go fishing (320 votes)
7th place - Play multi-player games ( 288 votes)
8th place - Play single-player games (223 votes)

This week's poll is fun! If you could be one of the Pandanda citizens for a day (you know, the ones with the ! or Q over their heads) who would it be? Cast your vote and let me know!

Party on, Pandas!