Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye June, Hello July!

You’ve still got some time to collect pineapples and trade them to Kapono before Summer Fest ends, but hurry! And as soon as Summer Fest ends, the spectacular 4th of July Weekend celebration begins!

Did you know that the 4th of July is McWiggles’ FAVORITE holiday? He really loves the red, white, and blue! Make sure to pay him a visit in the Big Scoop Ice Cream shop to see how he has decorated, and while you are there, buy yourself a triple scoop of ice cream.

There will also be special decorations and music in other parts of Pandanda Land, and don’t forget the awesome FIREWORKS display at night time!

Hmm, seems like there was something else important I needed to tell you about the 4th of July Weekend in Pandanda. Oh yeah, I remember! Make sure to go to the Clothing Co on East Market Street to get your free gift from the clothing catalog. There is a gift for Elite members, and a gift for non-members. Elite members can get both of the gifts.

See you next month!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Festival Ends Tomorrow!

Hi Pandanda Friends! I hope you have been enjoying the Pandanda Summer Festival. I've seen lots of you wearing the awesome Festival shirts and pineapple sunglasses while enjoying a cool sno cone treat. And don't forget the sno cone hat! That's certainly a unique way to cool down on a hot day!

You still have today and tomorrow to collect Summer Fest pineapples. Just make sure to trade your pineapples to Kapono at the Fishing Hole before midnight Pandanda Time on Thursday. To be extra-sure you get your items, don't wait til the last minute!

The end of Summer Fest doesn't mean the end of fun. July is full of events, from the 4th of July Weekend all the way to another Free Elite Member Day on July 30th. Watch my blog for more information!

Stay cool, Pandas!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Children's Day Review - FINALLY!

When I visited Pandanda during International Children’s Day on June 1st, I hosted several games of Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill. I awarded Panda Gold to players who came in 1st and 2nd place in each game, and promised to put their names in my blog. Promise kept! Congratulations to all these pandas for their bunny- and ghost- catching skills.

4tigru4 alfalfa9 Amorettes bobbythedog
CaramelCup carina1998 Cherilie22 Cody654
edu63 feniks123 FieryDracon floquiinha11
foreverme gholty gorogoro gugenceto
gui555555555 guticoh icycold igp79
jb1234 katlin98 krisko1234 Legoboy612
leverbelt lintdany lolacool MaterialGirl
mittens1 MOOON14 obeyme odis11
Omma14 Pandedo26 patoma PANDSWEROU
pbrockwell Philip433 pinkpyndy poiuz12345
PrincezzV puppyayah Pureheart Rocketman989
Rtlryan Saben3cats safej16 Sebapilka
Sherman98cp Smilemimi Solla54 Sophie16
Sweetcars12 Weazel whatTHEwhat

Check out the Pandanda International Children's Day photo album on Facebook. Remember, you don't have to be a member of Facebook to follow that link and see the pictures!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yellow Color Day Review

We officially kicked off summer with Yellow Color Day on Tuesday. Wow, it was SO bright with everyone dressed in yellow! I’m glad I had my sunglasses on! I took a few pictures during my visit - check them out below.

We are halfway through the Summer Festival. You still have a whole week to collect pineapples to trade to Kapono at the Fishing Hole. He has some really “cool” prizes for you! The last day of Summer Festival is Thursday, June 30th.

Speaking of the last day of June, it reminds me of something that I forgot from the FIRST day of June. I had promised to announce the names of everyone who won Panda Gold during my visits on International Children’s Day! Watch my blog tomorrow for the names of those pandas, as well as some pictures from my visits.

Party on, Pandas! Henry

Monday, June 20, 2011

Yellow Color Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, June 21st, is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year - at least for everyone who lives north of the Equator! Let’s see if we can make the Sun jealous by turning Pandanda a bright, sunny Yellow!

Put on your yellow Panda Paint, yellow clothes, and anything else yellow you have. It would probably be a good idea to wear some sunglasses, too! Those huge sunglasses Zing gave out a couple of weeks ago would be perfect!

I will pop in during the day to take some pictures for my blog, so make sure you are ready! And if you see some new pandas who aren’t in yellow, be a pal and help them get yellow Panda Paint from the Clothing Co. Kindness shines even brighter than the sun!

Shine on, Pandas!