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Pandanda Memories

 I joined Pandanda on the 4th of March, 2010. I wore yellow paint, a New Zealand top, and non member jeans for a while. Fortunately, the Easter egg hunt started, so I got a better outfit, lol. That was also when I got my first dragon, Kauli. I wouldn't have been able to play pandanda without my best friend irl, BlueIsGood. she told me how to play pandanda and introduced me to some really cool pandas.

I became a member on April 9, 2010. (I know because my first small member dragon, Violet, was born on that day!) I had a TERRIBLE fashion sense, But those were the best months ever... The Old Days. I really miss that time. There were some really cool parties. I remember this one where all of my current friends came, and also were all my FUTURE friends came too! That was one cool party.

Quests started! One of my favourite pandanda memories was the Level 5 party! I woke up at 5 am for it. Again, a lot of my friends/friends in the future were there, but it was mostly cool because it really felt like you were part of a huge community. And you got a free hoodie! Lol! I also got to be in 2 solo pics.

Then Christmas came. I remember that was when we got our first hand items...

Then, my computer broke so I quit for a few months. I fell behind on quests. I even cancelled my member! But then I came back... That was part 2 of my pandanda life. My old friends had quit, and pandas that had quit had come back. I found some new friends that were really cool. Blu and I opened a blog. It wasn't the same as the old days, but it was still pretty cool.  I found some cool outfits, lol. I even quested a bit, so I managed to get my grey dragon! I remember the quest. My friends followed me around while I did the dragon quest.

Some of my best memories have been helping pandas. I used to help new pandas, same as my friend Blu helped me when I joined. I also told pandas about the rules, and I "stopped" hackers. It's an amazing feeling to know you have HELPED somebody.

One of my favourite things about pandanda are the glitches. The 2 RanRans (2 of the same panda) in bear hollow. Walking on roofs. Dancing on the fishing hole. Hiding under the chat bar. Teaching pandas how to do those glitches. Pretending to be Fishy Joe. the time Cube somehow typed about 200 % letters in the chat bar, and filled bear hollow with % signs.

Basically, Pandanda has changed my life. It's even changed the way I talk irl and online. And it's given me my nickname irl and online!

I have some amazing memories of PD, way to many to write. Thanks to pd I know how to edit pics, take screenshots, etc.

I'm so sad it has to end. I wish we could keep Pandanda open. Pandanda was INCREDIBLE while it lasted. 

 On Pandanda,I met some of my best friends, which hardly going to keep in touch....I'm romanian,so I need to learn English..that game helped me very much...talking with kids from all the world, I learned new words...now I love that language...when i'll grow, I wish to go in USA, to work there....one of my dreams...
I play Pandanda since Beta,but every week I log to see my friends,the news... And,now one of my dearest memories was when I logged first time (on july,2009 I think) : I looked at all "bears" (then though that pandas are bears, hahaha)which danced, walked; some of them could change their size.....I started to investigate,and I discovered potions.... At a time, I saw that one player said "Hello" to me...I said "hello" too, and we started to change informations. Slowly, I began to make new friends, I discovered new rooms. 

I just want to say that im really sad to see Pandanda go. I stopped playing about a year ago for various reasons and now the news of closing has suddenly hit me. It's reminded me of all the amazing times I have had. Before Pandanda I had no online friends and now I have loads, without Pandanda I wouldnt have explored other virtual worlds, meet amazing people like yourselves.

I will always remember the day when discovered the Pandanda game. It was at the end of May, 2010.One of my friend, coltisor (that's the panda name) comes and tells me about a very interesting game - Pandanda, sure! He tells me a lot of things about this game. He teach me all the things you can do in this cool game! When I learned all the basic things, I was going to tell to the other three best friends, trugure259, ghray and uendy66 (that's the pandas name) about this game.Strugure was created her panda on 11 June, and after 5 days, at the beautiful day of 16 June 2010 (when it was Summer Festival,one of my favourite celebration), i created my panda! I was so excited! Because her favourite colour is orange,the colour of the fur was this. After I created her, ghray and uendy66 created their accounts at our first day of Free Elite Member Day.(17 July 2010). 

What about if we don't discover Pandanda at that moment? Maybe we get bored all the vacation! Now I realise how lucky we are!
The Pandanda game was another world to have fun in.This game helped us to learn more English words (because we are from Romania),to meet new friends and learn and attend at other celebrations (we don't have Halloween,Thanksgiving day...).

All the festivals and other celebrations was very interesting. I like them all,but my favourites are Winter Festival(Christmas), Summer Festival, Pumpkin Festival, 4th Of July, Ghost Day, Free Elite Member Day, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, and my panda's birthday,sure!  I will miss my pandas, my dragons, my friends and Pandanda so much!   

I remember registering on Pandanda 3 years ago. The game didn't seem like anything special at the start, but then I started playing and getting new friends and I kind of started to love this new virtual world. I met a lot of friends like Tomironi, ggutev, AltoBhai, Rikkitimu, Depsu, Mecool, Sandano and others. I remember the great times we had in BETA and after that. I have watched how Pandanda has grown through these years... back then, we didn't have Coconut beach, Harvest Grove or any of the festivals. We still had fun no matter what. In the past months I don't play Pandanda as much as I did back then, but I still remember it with the warmest memories. Pandanda will always have a little place in my heart. Paw to paw, ear to ear. We are strong pandas together! 

Pandanda give me many happy moments, I met good "pandas", I did funny things ... I was an Really Happy Panda!!! Pandanda is one of the best games that I played in all my life ... Pandanda is fun, it's cute, it's AMAZING!

But, these months ago, I wasn't play Pandanda soo much, I'm 14 years old now, and, I have compromises with the school and my family too ... 

I just can remember the good moments, because, in pandanda, I just had good moments !!! Halloween and Winter were my favorite festivals!  And how about Zing? Ah! Zing was AWESOME! I'd love to colect the Golden Tickets! And the Quests! It was really cool! My Dragon Pet, called "blink", I think he will miss Pandanda too ... !!! And the Furniture and the Clothes! Oh! It was one of my favorite things to do in Pandanda! I'd love to bought the New Itens! I was always changing my TreeHouse ... I'm a good decorator! :P I have horses, sleeds, poneys!

Well, I'll miss Pandanda soo Much! You changed my Life! And I'll Never Forget You! Never! Thanks for all the Good Memories! Thanks for Everything! Thanks Henry, Thanks all the Mods, for made Pandanda, a safety and amazing Place to us!

Here are some of my Pandanda memories!
July 30th, 2011. My first ever elite member day! I was SO excited I forgot to buy stuff!
The beach party from August 2011. I met Henry for the first time!
Harvest Festival 2011. My first ever festival! I got all the prizes! They were so awesome and epic!
New years 2012! It was so epic! The fireworks were awesome! I still have my party hat from it!
Cinco de mayo 2012! The decorations and music were awesome! I even made a pandanda movie of it!
The Follow That Arrow contest was pretty awesome. And even though its happening right now, the Pumpkin Festival 2012 is great! 

My Favourite memories of pandanda were:

1. When I signed up. I saw the game and I was Like Wow this is a cool game and sooner or later it became my favourite game!
2. When I Added Henry. He Was The Friendliest Panda Ive Ever Met!
3. When I Won The "Follow That Arrow Contest". I Became a member but sadly im not able to spend my time celebrating being a member until march!

Thanks a Lot Pandanda, Henry , Mods and Pandas For Making my stay At Pandanda the Best. Miss You Heaps Pandanda :(
So my best memory is called Beta time. They were the good old  festivals I've loved and most of all a wonderful Christmas festival. times to be together with panda friends and enjoy winter. I can not also forget my pets - and those dragonet. I also wanted to thank you for it that I could be with them. Also memory when I first arrived on Pandanda and severely entertained me. Although I am no longer a boy but my memories of the pandas and they remain in my heart. :) ... Thank you Henry for ever invented Pandanda even now end up really thank you also for the other pandas.

Yes, because I have been a sound member and I have enjoyed every second I could. The news, the games, the parties, the surprises...everything!

I have lived with and for Pandanda 1 year, that means 365 days, not calculating the hours, minutes and seconds... That would lead to astronomic figures... Yes!!! That would change my feeling into a better one. That would mean that I must be grateful for the great moments we have shared. My childhood and my life will keep this sweet memmory, to the deep chords of my heart.

Should I be sad? Should I be happy? I am both as I have had the unique opportunity of meeting the Pandanda Universe. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am Pingu83846 on Pandanda.  I joined on the 8th of January 2010 when I was 8 years old. Today it is the 22nd of October 2012. I am now 11 years old and I have been playing Pandanda for nearly 3 years. I have loved Pandanda for those years.

I have many memories on Pandanda. On the day I joined, I met a panda called Sammy19. We met in East Market Street.  I also met Buxton in Bear Hollow. We have been friends since a few weeks of being on Pandanda. Also Safe99 I met on Pandanda in Willow,  Bear Hollow, on the right side of the fountain. We met in April 2011. Safe99 is now Safe9999. I have lots of great friends on Pandanda like Sunnyday55, Alex55333, Goofyericson, Omma14, Pannu25, Sissyiscool and many more!

We want to say thank you to the Pandanda Designers for making Pandanda look absolutely amazing and wonderful! Thank you to the Pandanda Moderators for coming on and chatting to us pandas and playing games with us. Also, thanks for making sure Pandanda is keeping well and nobody is being bad! Thank you to Sheriff Steele for making sure Pandanda is a great safe place where nobody can worry about anything!

Most of all... Thank you so much to Henry who made Pandanda, who came online to talk to pandas, organized things on Pandanda, writing your blog always up to date so pandas could see what is happening in Pandanda, you brought us pandas together and the best thing of all, you made Pandanda! Thank you to the rest who made Pandanda!

Some people actually spend whole days on the site you all made! I know it sounds a bit sad sitting in front of a computer screen all day, but they actually LOVE Pandanda and they spend ages on it! Doing quests, looking after dragons, chatting to friends, buying things, selling things, decorating themselves, decorating their treehouse and much more!
Goodbye... Pandanda... You will always be in my heart... everybody's heart...

I'm sad about you guys closing, but I would like to thank you for the joy your website has given me.

On Pandanda, I have met great friends. Everyone on Pandanda has been fantastic.
I have stuck with Pandanda the longest because you couldn't get bored. There was too much to do. When new features were came into Pandanda, I got so excited! The quests feature was the most exciting. Thanks for creating Pandanda :)

I remember the day of friendship and at the time I started playing pandanda. it was complicated for me to understand but as I started to play more often then it was my favorite game. and i remember at Easter there were  many nice clothes and everything else. I hope you will find some of the game that will entertain me as pandanda and a lot of the children of Russia helped to improve the English who do not speak English and do not write.

We experienced some wonderful moments. We met new friends from different countries! We were able to improve their language skills in Pandanda. We made international friendships. We had a great time! I play Pandanda 4 years. I lived there many adventures and news. It was nice to see the snow, holidays, summer, they spend a few years in Pandanda.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for your Panda friends. You made Pandanda a great place, and Pandas loves Pandanda even when they were nonmembers. Pandanda was the only place where I felt all-right so It will be hard without it.
By the way,thanks for being an inspiration for me,I'll never forget Pandanda.

I'd like to thank you for all the good times I've had since I joined Pandanda. It has been one of the places where I have made many friends where there is a very big chance I will still be friends with in 20 years time, and that is definitely something that you should be proud of. I always had something fun to do in Pandanda when I was in there, it was a place to go when I was bored but not only a place to go when I was bored, it was a place to hang out and spend free time! It definitely was not a waste of time so I am happy that you helped me use my time wisely ;) It's so sad to see Pandanda closing and so many memories lost in the game... I hope that everyone working for Pandanda does great in life, though I am sure you all will!

Pandanda has become part of my life, so say goodbye to her as a member of my family.
Ever since I met Pandanda, I was online every day. It's only 495 days from 20 June 2011. But I made all the pandanda I learned a lot and gave me a lot in life. I have created some emotional connection, which I will never forget. I have had many wonderful experiences. A lot of joy, happiness, but also sadness. I found a lot of great friends here, that I have all the advice, as they, too, I think. 

I liked when you visited my treehouse and admired him, I liked our conversations about the joys and the sorrows. So glad I helped my friends, I like to participate in all party, I like playing with my friends and a moderator bunnies, ghosts and line four, glad doing quests, I'm often decorated by my treehouse, I am a changed clothes. I always looked forward to every event and festival in Pandanda. I've always been happy with my friends when Henry was online, I liked when he called us to his house, there was always immediate, and he very nice talk. Thank him for the beautiful words, a visit to my treehouse and publishing on his blog. 

So glad I did photos, I have hundreds of them, even I have a few paintings hanging in my room, and so on Pandanda never forget once when I have children, so they know that once their mother has played the most beautiful and best game in the world. I want to sincerely thank all my friends for our common beautiful moments spent on Pandanda.

Thank you for the opportunity that I could be part of an exceptional Pandanda, I remain here a piece of my heart, and Pandanda will always remain in my heart, I will never forget Henry. With great love, admiration, respect pandanda Thank you to the whole team and all those who participated in the development of Pandanda.  I will never forget and I will remember forever.

I wish you guys all the best of luck. Honestly, thanks for EVERYTHING, you guys have done. Made my life so fun, safe, and incredible. Thank you so much everyone!


There I made ​​new friends that I've finally met in real life. There we hung out when we could not see, Pandanda for us was and will always be one big family. The Pandanda made ​​a lot of pandas, and thus became a member of a large family of virtual communities.I play Pandanda since when no member, but everyone wants to buy it then there was no Quests. Pandanda means a lot because when I was sad, I went to Pandanda and immediately cheered. You all will be in great memories, my heart.

A few Pandanda Memory Videos: