Monday, December 19, 2011

Sheriff Steele to Visit for Snowman Day!

Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry for the Festive Photo with Your Friends Contest. All of the entries have been downloaded, and the judges now have the very hard job of picking a winner. The winner of the contest will be announced on Christmas Eve, December 24th, right here in my Blog. Good luck!

Tomorrow is Snowman Day in Pandanda. Trade 5 Stocking Stuffers to Chilly the Snowman for his Frosty Potion, and turn yourself into a Snowman! Sheriff Steele is planning to take a break from his busy schedule to visit Pandanda at 7:30am Pandanda Time, and again at 5pm Pandanda Time. He wants to see lots and lots of Snowmen during his visits, and he has promised to take pictures that I can post in my Blog.

The Pandanda Moderators have been telling me about the beautifully decorated treehouses they have seen. I got a peek at some in the contest photos that were sent in, and I want to see more! If you are proud of your holiday-decorated home, take a screenshot and send it to screenshots@pandanda.com. Make sure to send the entire screen of your treehouse, from your Panda name in the top left corner all the way to your backpack in the bottom right corner - we don't want to miss a thing! I will create a "Holiday Treehouses in Pandanda" album to show the pictures!

Mods Gemmza and Jule have shared pictures of their Christmas treehouses with me. Take a look:
Stay Merry, Pandas!