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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowman Day with Sheriff Steele

Brrrrrr! Does it seem extra-cold in Pandanda today? It must be because of all the snowmen hopping around for Snowman Day! You can be a Snowman today, too! Just collect 5 Stocking Stuffers and trade them to Chilly the Snowman for his Frosty Potion. Drink that potion and you'll be a Snowman!

Snowmen move pretty slowly, but they can dance and jump! And Snowmen look REALLY cool when they jump! Try it for yourself, and see what I mean!

Sheriff Steele has made his first visit of the day, and he had a great time chatting with pandas on Willow and Oak. He doesn't get to visit Pandanda very often, so when he does, he likes to see as many different pandas as possible! And even though he can't add friends to his list, he wants you all to know that he considers all of the citizens of Pandanda as his friends!

I promised Sheriff that I would post some pictures from his morning visit, so here they are:
Sheriff Steele will be visiting again today at 5pm Pandanda Time. He hopes to see lots of jolly Snowmen on his visit, and to meet more awesome Panda friends!

Remember, if you want to show off your holiday-decorated treehouse, take a screenshot and send it to screenshots@pandanda.com. Make sure to send the entire screen of your treehouse, from your Panda name in the top left corner all the way to your backpack in the bottom right corner so we won't miss a single detail!

Check out the new Poll over on the right side. Cast your vote for your favorite Winter Festival prize!

Keep it Snowy!