Thursday, September 20, 2012

Follow That Arrow Contest - Day 9

Oooooooh, we are so close to the end of the Follow That Arrow Contest! Here is the next-to-the-last arrow, Arrow #9:
Arrow #9
By now you should have the following information for each of the 9 arrows that have been in my Blog each day: a) what room is the arrow in? and b) what room does the arrow point to? If you have missed any of the arrows, all you have to do is scroll down my blog to see each of them.

After I post the final arrow tomorrow - Arrow #10 - then you can send your contest entry to me at contest@pandanda.com. You must have two correct answers for each of the 10 arrows for your entry to be eligible to win, so check your entry carefully. Each panda can only send in one entry, and you must send it from the email address that your account is registered to. You can read the rest of the rules here.

Hat Day is still going strong! I will visit once more at 5pm Pandanda Time today. Here are some pictures I took during my earlier visits:

Hats off to you all!