Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Spring Party Tomorrow!

After the cold and snowy winter, Pandanda is finally ready for spring! The official First Day of Spring is tomorrow, so let's celebrate with a Welcome Spring Party!

I will be visiting three times during the Welcome Spring Party, so I hope to see all of my old friends, as well as meet new friends! Remember, if you have never met me before, you can send me a Friend Request and I will add you as a friend. When I add you as a friend, you will get a cool "I Met Henry" t shirt!

I will be visiting Pandanda at 12:01AM11AM, and 5PM Pandanda Time (Pacific Daylight Time) tomorrow. You can click the link for each time to see what time it will be where you live. I plan to visit as many servers as I can during each of my visits, so if one server is full, just wait for me on another!

Zing Ballyhoo has his second prize available today. Collect 10 Golden Tickets so you can get the prize from Zing. It could come in handy in case of sudden rainstorms!

See you soon!