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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Theme Player Card Contest WINNERS!

The judges have finished their judging for the Spring Theme Player Card Contest, and once again, you made it a very hard job for us! We really enjoyed looking at all of the cute, creative, and interesting designs submitted. So, in addition to choosing one Grand Prize Winner, we also chose five Honorable Mentions!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the 2012 Spring Theme Player Card Drawing Contest is:   
Congratulations to pandaNUNU! She will have her design turned into an actual player card background with her name on it by our graphic artists, to be available in Pandanda during the Easter Egg Hunt that begins on March 30th. She will also receive:

  • a 6-month Elite Membership Gift Certificate
  • 5000 Panda Power
  • 200 Panda Gold

And here are the five Honorable Mention designs:

From left to right, the Honorable Mention artists are orangeclie, HI8642, carina1998, Drusilla, and Buster55555. Each of those players will receive a 1-month Elite Membership Gift Certificate. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the contest. All of us here at Pandanda appreciate the time, effort, and creativity you put into your drawing. Since there were so many great entries, you can look for even more designs to appear for sale in future catalogs!

I am planning another contest for April, one that won't require any artistic ability! Watch my blog for more information in April!

Party on, Pandas!