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Friday, June 24, 2011

Children's Day Review - FINALLY!

When I visited Pandanda during International Children’s Day on June 1st, I hosted several games of Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill. I awarded Panda Gold to players who came in 1st and 2nd place in each game, and promised to put their names in my blog. Promise kept! Congratulations to all these pandas for their bunny- and ghost- catching skills.

4tigru4 alfalfa9 Amorettes bobbythedog
CaramelCup carina1998 Cherilie22 Cody654
edu63 feniks123 FieryDracon floquiinha11
foreverme gholty gorogoro gugenceto
gui555555555 guticoh icycold igp79
jb1234 katlin98 krisko1234 Legoboy612
leverbelt lintdany lolacool MaterialGirl
mittens1 MOOON14 obeyme odis11
Omma14 Pandedo26 patoma PANDSWEROU
pbrockwell Philip433 pinkpyndy poiuz12345
PrincezzV puppyayah Pureheart Rocketman989
Rtlryan Saben3cats safej16 Sebapilka
Sherman98cp Smilemimi Solla54 Sophie16
Sweetcars12 Weazel whatTHEwhat

Check out the Pandanda International Children's Day photo album on Facebook. Remember, you don't have to be a member of Facebook to follow that link and see the pictures!