Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye June, Hello July!

You’ve still got some time to collect pineapples and trade them to Kapono before Summer Fest ends, but hurry! And as soon as Summer Fest ends, the spectacular 4th of July Weekend celebration begins!

Did you know that the 4th of July is McWiggles’ FAVORITE holiday? He really loves the red, white, and blue! Make sure to pay him a visit in the Big Scoop Ice Cream shop to see how he has decorated, and while you are there, buy yourself a triple scoop of ice cream.

There will also be special decorations and music in other parts of Pandanda Land, and don’t forget the awesome FIREWORKS display at night time!

Hmm, seems like there was something else important I needed to tell you about the 4th of July Weekend in Pandanda. Oh yeah, I remember! Make sure to go to the Clothing Co on East Market Street to get your free gift from the clothing catalog. There is a gift for Elite members, and a gift for non-members. Elite members can get both of the gifts.

See you next month!