Friday, September 14, 2012

Follow That Arrow Contest - Day 3

You've been waiting for it, and here it is - Arrow #3 in the Follow That Arrow Contest:
Arrow #3
If you missed the first two arrows, just scroll back to my last two posts, on September 13th and 12th. There are 7 more arrows to go. The last one will appear on Friday, September 21st. Starting then, and continuing through 11:59pm Pandanda Time (PDT) on Sunday, September 23rd, you can send in your contest entries with the answers for all 10 arrows.

I've noticed that we've already received quite a few contest entries. All of those entries have been discarded because they have not followed the rules of the contest. But don't worry if you sent in an entry. You can still send in a complete contest entry on September 21st, after all 10 arrows have been revealed.

To review the rules and more information about the contest, click here. You can also email questions about the contest to contest@pandanda.com.

Happy hunting!