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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Follow That Arrow Contest - Day 1

I wrote a long blog post yesterday, describing the Follow That Arrow Contest and explaining how the contest will work. You can click here to read that post, but I will give a short review before I reveal the Arrow #1.

Each day for 10 days I will post a picture of one of the directional arrows that can be found all over Pandanda. Your job is to correctly identify two things about each arrow: a) which room the arrow is in, and b) which room the arrow points to.

After the 10th arrow has been posted here on September 21st, you will put all of your answers into one email, then mail it to me at contest@pandanda.com. Since you can't send your answers in until the 21st, you might want to either create a document on your computer or use a notebook to write your answers for each arrow. Then, on the 21st, you can gather all of your answers together and send them in!

Drumroll, please!~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  Here is Arrow #1 in the Follow That Arrow Elite Membership Contest:
Arrow #1
Use your detective skills to find this arrow in Pandanda. Then, wherever you are keeping track of your answers, write down a) the room you found the arrow in, and b) the room you go to when you follow that arrow. That's all there is to it! Tomorrow, you will have a different arrow to figure out.

There will be 6 Winners of this contest:
  • The first correct, eligible entry received after the 10th arrow is displayed on my blog on September 21st will be a winner.
  • 5 winners will be randomly chosen from all of the correct, eligible entries received by the contest deadline of 11:50pm PST on Sunday, September 23, 2012.
The 6 Winners will each receive:
  • a 6-month Elite Membership Gift Certificate
  • 5000 Panda Power
  • 200 Panda Gold.
Remember, do not send in your answers yet. Any entries received before the end of the contest on September 21st will be discarded. You must have the answers to all 10 arrows before you can send in your entry! You can review all of the rules of the contest here.

Happy Searching, and Good Luck!