Thursday, February 23, 2012

Level 50+ Parties Friday!

I had a great time partying last Friday with the pandas who had reached Level 75 in Quests. And now I am looking forward to celebrating with everyone who has reached Level 50 and above. The parties should be HUGE, because there are over 400 of you at Level 50 and over!

Just like last Friday, I will be hosting two parties, to allow pandas from all over the world to be there! The first party will be at 10am Pandanda Time and the second party will be at 6pm Pandanda Time. You can click on each of those links to see what time the parties will be where you live. Pandas who live in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries in that part of the world will probably find that the 6pm party works best for them, since it will be on Saturday morning and early afternoon.

Both parties will be on Palm server, which will be Level Restricted to pandas at Level 50 and above. There should be plenty of room on Palm for everyone, but you will probably need to spread out among the rooms. Don't worry though, I will be making the rounds to visit everyone!

See you soon!