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Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Friday, February 24, 2012

FEMD Tomorrrow! Level 50+ Parties Today!

It's almost here! Another fabulous, fantastic Free Elite Member Day (FEMD) will begin Saturday at 12:01am PST, and end at 11:59pm PST. Everyone who logs in during FEMD will have full access to all of Pandanda's Elite Membership features for the whole day!**

Shop for clothes at the Clothing Co. on East Market Street, decorate your treehouse with items from the House and Tree Catalog, then unlock your tree and invite your friends over for a fashion show! Adopt a dragon egg from Izzy at the Pet Shop on West Market Street, and patiently wait for it to magically hatch about six days later!
You can even buy a Horse Companion from Questy if your Quest Level is high enough. It will be so much fun!

The Level 50 and above Super Questers and I had a great time on Palm server at the first of today's Level 50+ Parties. We did a bit of Hide and Seek, chased bunnies, hunted ghosts, and did a lot of just hanging out together and chatting! Oh yeah, we also tried to see how many pandas we could stuff into the dressing rooms at Clothing Co.! Check it out:

I'll be back on Palm server at 6pm Pandanda Time for the second Level 50+ Party. I can't wait!

Party on, Pandas!

**Non-Elite pandas will get to keep all the Elite items purchased Saturday but will not be able to use them after Saturday without an Elite Membership, except on future Free Elite Member Days. Questy’s Horse Companions are Elite items. Dragon eggs will remain in your tree house, and will hatch later in the week.