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Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fantastic February!

Wow, have you checked out the Pandanda February Calendar? We've got lots of things planned to help make the shortest month of the year one of the most fun months of the year!

Right off the bat, there was an awesome update in the Clothing Catalog. Lots of cool Valentine's-themed clothes and accessories; a hockey uniform, hockey stick, and skates; new player card backgrounds, and more! And you can still buy football stuff for the Big Game on Sunday. Go Team!

Zing will be leaving this Sunday, so make sure you have collected 10 Golden Tickets and traded them to him for his 4th and final prize. Once he leaves, his prizes are gone forever!

We will celebrate the power of friendship during the Friendship Festival, which begins on February 10th. You'll have 18 days to collect friendship bracelets to trade for cool Friendship Fest prizes. And on Valentine's Day, the 14th, we will have a Red and Pink Color Day.

I've got some special parties planned for Super Questers this month! On the 17th, all pandas who have reached Level 75 will be able to party with me on Palm Server. Then on the 24th, everyone at Level 50 and above will get their chance to party! There will be two party times on each of those days, so pandas all over the world should have a chance to participate.

Game Day returns on the 18th, with double coins on multiplayer games, and lots of chances to win Panda Gold from me and the Moderators in Ghosts of Misty Hill and Bunny Chase.

Dress up in purple, green, yellow, and gold for Mardi Gras Color Day on the 21st, then end that week with a super Free Elite Member Day!

February is going to be fine!