Monday, November 7, 2011

Silly Wacky Day Tomorrow!

It's time again! Time for another day to get silly in Pandanda! On Tuesday, it is your chance to dress and act your silliest!

Yes, I know Halloween just ended, and you wore awesome costumes for that. But for Wacky Day you really want to go completely miss-matched, weird, wild, and silly. Check out the picture above - I bet you can get even crazier than that!

I will be making some sneaky visits, looking for wacky pandas, and even doing some wacky contests, along with the Moderators. Who knows what kind of silliness we might get up to? Wacky fashion shows, wacky jokes, wacky rules for Panda Gold games. You'll have to pay close attention to any Mods you meet tomorrow - if they shout out "Presto Changeo", everyone has to stop what you are doing and change at least one thing you are wearing! Why, you ask? Because it's wacky!

And if you think you have the wackiest outfit ever, send me a picture at screenshots@pandanda.com.

All the fun happens Tuesday!