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Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quest Rewards Catalog Updated!

All of you Super Questers have been waiting for it, and it's here at last! Questy has updated his Quest Rewards catalog with awesome items for Levels 70 and 75!

You asked for dragon companions in different colors - you got 'em! You asked for Trixie's hooded cloak - you got it! Plus, there are several more cool things that I really think you will like. I can't wait to see Super Questers all over Pandanda Land with the new items!

Remember, just because we have set Level 75 as the maximum Quest Level, it doesn't mean that Questing is over. There are still lots of Pandas working their way up the Levels. And each day new Pandas join Pandanda, and can begin Questing!

In honor of the new Quest items, check out the new poll! Let us know where you are in Quests - have you just begun, are you halfway to the maximum, have you reached the top? We want to know!

In case you forgot to check the results of the "Favorite Companion" poll, Dragons were by far the most popular, with 77% of the votes. Horse companions received 22% of the votes. But I don't think Horses have anything to worry about. Their owners love them!

Quest on, Pandas!