Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Pandas Reach Level 50!

I am going to have some important news about Quests very soon. But before that announcement, I want to recognize the Questers who have reached special Quest milestones since June 1st! Today we celebrate all of the pandas who reached Level 50 by August 31st!

Alexxa alfalfa9 amy1995 andeecandee
antonella44 atvbeast Batuque BearieSweet
bebeboss bia4you blackandred Bluebell
BRENOMONSTER Brushes chicomovel Chock364
cookie779 Coolinater Dari1111 Darjabest
Dodko28 Doppyer Dorian1453 Eglantine
eli57 firefly125 Flicka779 foxgirl1
funkey8 gabbi999 Gabrieli GabsPanda
ghray goldmist12 gratzy hamburgeris
hannah228 hisup hulk264 icarly4eva
igp79 iveta5 jani5 jianna
junglejuice keshaVIP LyllyPanda Marfi1
MARIMONSTER MightyGeorge MissPink natali00
nelinn3 ohuy Omma14 PandaRon
patoma pearl123 pettipan pintuska
PixieDust pudelulroz puquinha5252 QUITO
roflmeout Saben3cats Serendityx3 smillface
songo222 StylnGirl superDSI1124 SWEN99999999
Tapinka teddyangel tibiman tinnypanda
TobyRocks83 topsu ursulet7 Vid4Lok4
xicoclaro Xolani Xsuu Yiannis

Congratulations to all of those pandas for their hard work and dedication! I will announce the names of the pandas who have reached Level 60 and Level 70 in my next two posts. You are all Super Questers!

Party On, Pandas!