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Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Important Quest Level Announcement + Level 50 Party!

I promised you all an important announcement about Quests, and here it is -  the maximum Quest Level that players can reach is now set at Level 75. The Pandanda Team and I came to this decision after considering many things, including the comments and suggestions we have received from many of you.

Once you reach Level 75 you can continue to do Quests and earn coins, but you will no longer receive Panda Power or Level Up. There will be some special Quest Awards for Level 75 added to Questy's Catalog soon.

Don't worry! That doesn't mean that Quests are over, no way! There will still be 9 Quests available each day  for all of you who are still working on Leveling Up. Many new players have joined Pandanda since Quests began last year, and many more will join in the future, and they will all be able to keep on Questing!

In honor of this announcement (and since it's been a long time since we've had one!) I have planned a party this weekend for everyone who has reached Level 50 and above! Meet me on Palm server at 11:00am Pandanda Time this Saturday, September 10th. You can click that link to find out what time it will be where you live.

Let's fill the sky with dragons and the land with horses as we celebrate your Quests accomplishments! 

Keep on Questing!