Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hat Day!

Pălărie, chapéu, шапка, klobouk, chapeau, Hut, kalap, húfu, cappello, cepure, kapelusz, sombrero - however you say it, today is HAT DAY in Pandanda! 

Dig through your closet to find your favorite thing to wear on your head. It might be cute, silly, fashionable, sporty, or just plain crazy! Have a Hat Fashion Show with your friends. See how many different hats you can wear today!

I would love to see some Hat pictures! Here's a challenge for you - I want to see how many pandas you can get in one picture, either 1) all wearing the same hat, or 2) all wearing different hats. Feel up to the challenge? Send your pictures to screenshots@Pandanda.com and my favorites will appear in my blog! The deadline to get your pictures in is 11:59pm Pandanda Time today! 

Hats off to you, Panda Pals!