Monday, July 18, 2011

Game Day Review

Wow, everyone really seemed to enjoy Game Day on Saturday! The Mods and I awarded Panda Gold to almost 200 different pandas. That's a bunch of bunny chasing and ghost hunting! And I hope everyone took advantage of the double coins for multiplayer games. That was a great chance to add coins to your account!

Mod Skippers shared some pictures of a couple of the games he hosted on Game Day. It's great to see so many happy pandas!

Don't forget that Pink Panic Color Day is this Thursday. Celebrate pink by wearing pink Panda Paint, pink clothing, and pink accessories. Everyone looks great in pink, so don't be shy about wearing it!

Some other things that are coming up this month are Wacky Outfit Day on Tuesday the 26th and another cool Free Elite Member Day on Saturday the 30th. There is still a lot of fun left in July!

Party on, Pandas!