Saturday, July 16, 2011

Game Day Going Strong!

Hey all you Pandanda Gamers! Pandanda Game Day has been going on for almost 12 hours, and it seems like everyone is really having a great time! But don't stop now - the day's only halfway over!
The Mods and I are working hard to play as many Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill games with you as we can. We have already awarded Panda Gold over 150 times! You can win Panda Gold one time from each Mod.
The Mods will take a short break from games from 12-2pm Pandanda Time, then they will be back with more, more, more! I will be back again at 3pm Pandanda Time, too.

Don't forget, you can get double Coins for every multiplayer game you play today - Pen the Pig, Line4, Bunny Chase, and Ghosts of Misty Hill. There doesn't have to be a Mod for you to get double Coins. Grab a friend, play a game, and both of you get double Coins!

Game on, Pandas!