Monday, October 1, 2012

Zing's 2nd Prize Is Waiting!

Hey there, friends!

Zing Ballyhoo has his second week's prize ready and waiting for you in his tent at Treehouse Lobby. All you have to do is collect 10 of his Golden Tickets. You can find Golden Tickets everywhere in Pandanda, except for in treehouses.

After you have 10 Golden Tickets, pay Zing a visit to claim your prize. He will offer you your choice of his prize or Pandanda Coins. Make sure you pick carefully, because you may only choose one prize each week!

I must say, Zing's prize this week is kind of...mysterious!

Do you and your friends ever like to dress up exactly alike? It can be fun to do, especially if you can get a whole bunch of your friends involved. I'm going to name this Thursday, October 4th Dress Like Your Friends Day, and I want to see lots of panda twins, triplets, or however many identical pandas friends you can get together on that day! I can't wait!

Party on, Pandas!