Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Snizzle Fizzle Day!

Brilliant Bouncing Pandas! It's Snizzle Fizzle Day in Pandanda! I think the Snizzle Fizzle potion is one of Trixie's greatest creations. It is so much fun to bounce around Pandanda in a bubble! Check out this picture from way back in 2010 during a Free Elite Member Day:

Since Paige has made all of the potions available to everyone, we don't have to wait for Free Elite Member Day to have a Snizzle Fizzle party. So everyone stock up your backpack with the Snizzle Fizzle potions, and bounce, bounce, bounce!

There are some cool things you can do with Snizzle Fizzle. If you press the "J" key (for "jump") on your keyboard, you can bounce higher and higher. Ever wonder how pandas stand on the roofs of buildings? It's more Snizzle Fizzle magic. You have to pop your bubble at just the right time! You can even use Snizzle Fizzle potion while riding on a horse. Give it a try!

Have some super Snizzle Fizzle silliness!