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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Orange Panda Day!

Hooray, Orange Panda Day is here again! Let's turn Pandanda as orange as a Halloween jack-o-lantern by wearing orange Panda Paint and dressing in as much orange as we can get on our furry panda selves! Everyone can buy orange Panda Paint from Fitch at the Clothing Co. on East Market Street.

Orange Panda Day is a great way to start getting yourself ready for the fun of the Pumpkin Festival, which begins next Wednesday, October 17th. During the Pumpkin Festival, Halloween Candy will be scattered all over Pandanda Land for you to collect and trade for super Pumpkin Fest prizes.

During the Pumpkin Festival you can also look forward to some other awesome events:
  • October 22nd - Ghost Potion Day
  • October 24th  - Pandanda's 3rd Anniversary 
  • October 27th - Free Elite Member Dy
  • October 30th - Costume Day
  • October 31st - Halloween
But today, I want to see you and your friends having lots of orange fun!  You can send me pictures of you and your friends celebrating Orange Panda Day. If you take a bunch of pictures, choose just one, or make a collage of photos into one image, then send it to me at screenshots@pandanda.com, with Orange Panda Day in the subject line. Make sure to include your panda name in your email. I'll post some here on my blog, and put them all into a Facebook album.

Party on in ORANGE!