Friday, October 26, 2012

One Last Pandanda Party

Pandanda Pals Forever!
Well, my Panda Friends, our time together in Pandanda Land will soon be over. You have made Pandanda an awesome place, and I will never forget all of the friends I've made and the fun we've had together.

Although the whole day tomorrow will be for celebrating our time in Pandanda, I have scheduled an Official Pandanda Farewell Party at 11am Pandanda Time tomorrow, October 27th. You can click on that link to see what time the party will be where you live.

I also plan to visit at unscheduled times during the day, as well as during the final hours of the day, from about 10pm Pandanda Time until midnight. That is a time that my friends in East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand ought to be able to manage, since it will be Sunday afternoon for them.

Tomorrow is also Free Elite Member Day, which means everyone can decorate their treehouses and open them to have friends over. You can also buy any of the clothes and accessories that you like at the Clothing Co.

Party on, Pandas!