Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Today is HUGE DAY in Pandanda! Visit Paige for her Dragon Tears potion, and drink it to turn yourself into a HUGE panda. If you have a companion, like a dragon, horse, or sled, it will be HUGE too. Huge dragons - that's kinda scary!

When you visit Paige for potions, you will see that all of her potions are available to everyone! Yes, you can buy the Snizzle Fizzle, Bunny, and Turbo potions now, even if you are not an Elite member.
The Snizzle Fizzle potion is so cool! It is the potion that lets you bounce around in a big bubble. Snizzle Fizzle parties are the best, which is why Wednesday is going to be Snizzle Fizzle Day. I will be popping in (hahaha - popping in - in a bubble!) to have some fun with you.

Since Wednesday is also the 3rd Anniversary of Pandanda's Launch Day, if you were lucky enough to be a part of Pandanda way back on October 24th, 2009, you could wear your Launch Day t-shirt!

Let's cover Pandanda with bunnies on Thursday! So much fuzzy cuteness! Then, on Friday it will be Halloween Costume Day.

Come and spend the last week of Pandanda having fun with all of your friends!