Monday, September 24, 2012

Zing Ballyhoo!!

I hope you've made it over to Treehouse Lobby to welcome Zing Ballyhoo back to Pandanda. A lot of you have already gotten his first prize. Way to go! All you have to do is collect 10 of his Golden Tickets, then exchange them to Zing for his prize.

I did hear that some of you were having trouble seeing the prize after you got it. If anyone is still having trouble, please log out of Pandanda, clear your browser cache, then log back in and try again. You can find instructions for clearing your browser cache here.

I have checked all of the Follow That Arrow contest entries, and have made a list of all of the Pandas whose entries were 100% correct. We will be doing a random drawing for 5 winners from all of those names on Tuesday, then I will announce all 6 winners on Wednesday. Just be patient a little while longer!

Party on, Pandas!