Friday, September 7, 2012

Events for September and October!

Hi Panda Pals!

I just updated the Pandanda Calendar with lots of events for September and October. Check them out!

  • 12th - "Follow That Arrow" Blog Contest begins. It's your chance to win a 6-month Elite Membership!
  • 24th - Zing Ballyhoo returns to Pandanda.
  • 26th - Blog Contest winners are announced
  • 29th - Game Day
  • 1st - Zing's 2nd Prize
  • 8th - Zing's 3rd Prize
  • 10th - Orange Color Day
  • 17th - Pumpkin Festival Begins
  • 22nd - Ghost Potion Day
  • 24th - Pandanda's 3rd Anniversary
  • 27th - Free Elite Member Day
  • 31st - Halloween
As the date for each event gets closer, I'll give you more information about it here in my Blog. And don't be surprised if I announce even MORE events besides the ones on the calendar. Sometimes a cool event idea just pops into my head!

Can you believe there are only 4 months left in 2012? Let's make them Panda-tastic!

Party on, Pandas!