Thursday, August 23, 2012

Get Ready for Free Elite Member Day!

 Hey there, friends! It is almost time for Free Elite Member Day. That's right, this Saturday, August 25th, everyone who logs into Pandanda will get to enjoy Elite Member benefits for one whole day**

So, what can you do on Free Elite Member Day? You can head to the Clothing Co. on East Market Street, and spend your coins on anything in the catalog. You can decorate your tree house with furniture from the House & Tree catalog, then unlock your tree to have your friends over for a fashion show or party.
If you've always wanted a dragon for a pet, you can buy yourself a dragon egg from Izzy at the Pet Shop on West Market Street. After just six days, the egg will hatch into your very own dragon! And if you have reached a high enough Quest Level, you can even buy a Horse Companion from Questy!

You can earn coins for shopping by collecting fruits, veggies, coconuts, mushrooms, gemstones, and recyclables, then selling them to the vendors around Pandanda. You can also catch fish and sell them to Fishy Joe. You can even earn coins by completing Quests!

Free Elite Member Day is for one day only, starting this Saturday at 12:01am PST and ending Saturday at 11:59pm PST, so mark your calendars! And don't forget - the Harvest Festival starts on Friday!

**Non-Elite pandas will get to keep all the Elite items purchased Saturday but will not be able to use them after Saturday without an Elite Membership )except on future Free Elite Member Days). Questy’s Horse Companions are Elite items. Dragon eggs will remain in your tree house, and will hatch later in the week.