Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Festival is Almost Here!

Ooh, I can sense the excitement building in Pandanda land for the start of the Summer Festival tomorrow! The Pandanda citizens are preparing to turn Pandanda into a tropical paradise, filling up wagons with sand to create beaches in surprising places, and Kapono is getting ready to take his place at the Fishing Hole with his super Summer Festival prizes.

How will you get those prizes? Easy! Just look for summer pineapples to pop up all over Pandanda (except in treehouses), and collect the pineapples by clicking on them. When you have collected enough pineapples, pay Kapono a visit to trade them for his prizes!

Fun in the sun, exclusive prizes, music to dance to, and even an extra Quest each day to help you reach your Quest goal even faster - it's going to be an awesome Summer Festival! See you there!

Party on, Pandas!