Monday, May 7, 2012

Zing's 2nd Prize

Hello friends!

The 5th of May is past, but that doesn't mean the Cinco de Mayo fiesta spirit has left Pandanda! You can still get the free sombrero from the catalog at Clothing Co. on East Market Street, and wear it as you dance through the streets of Pandanda to the lively fiesta music. Ole'!

Zing Ballyhoo has made his second prize available. Just collect 10 Golden Tickets, then visit Zing at Treehouse Lobby to trade them for his new prize. Make sure you choose your prize carefully, because you can only get one each week. You have until Sunday evening to get this week's prize.

Congratulations to the following Pandanda blogs for being among the first to post about Zing's new prize:
Pay a visit to those blogs, and tell them you saw them in Henry's Blog!

Party on, Pandas!