Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pandanda Game Day This Saturday!

Another action-packed Pandanda Game Day is coming up on Saturday! Make sure your bunny-catching nets and ghost-catching backpacks are in good working condition so you are ready for your chance to earn lots of Pandanda Coins, and maybe even Panda Gold!

You will have a chance to win Panda Gold from Moderators in games of Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill. The Mods will be hosting as many games as they can fit into their shifts, giving you lots of chances to win Panda Gold. Instead of awarding 25 Gold for 1st place and 10 Gold for 2nd place like they usually do, they will award 250 Gold to 1st place and 100 Gold to 2nd place!

Also, every multiplayer game will award double Coins on Saturday. That means every time you play Pen the Pig, Line 4, Ghosts of Misty Hill, and Bunny Chase, you will receive twice as many Pandanda Coins as you usually do. There is no limit to the amount of Panda Coins you can win!

There is one change for Game Day to the usual rules for Panda Gold games. Normally, the rule is that you can only win Panda Gold once a day. But for Saturday only, you can win more than once a day, but you can only win Gold once from each Moderator.

For example, say you won Panda Gold from Maxxwell. If you play another game with Maxxwell and come in 1st or 2nd place, you can't win any more gold from him. But, if you see another Mod, like Skippers, later, and play and win a game with him, you CAN win Panda Gold again! Every Mod will be keeping a list of their winners.

One rule has not changed - NO POTIONS! Just use your regular Panda skills to catch those bunnies and ghosts, with no help from turbo or bunny potions. I know everyone will play fairly!

Remember, you can only earn Panda Gold from games that a Moderator is hosting. They will be traveling around all of the servers, so you might have a better chance of winning if you play on a less-crowded server.

Get ready to play!