Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adios Fiesta!

Well, the fiesta decorations have been taken down and packed away for another year. The fun and festive Cinco de Mayo fiesta in Pandanda is over. But don't worry! You can still get your free green sombrero, as well as other colors of sombreros and Mexican scarves, in the Clothing Catalog. The fiesta treehouse decorations are still available in the House & Tree Catalog, too. But don't wait too long - those items won't be in the catalogs forever!

Speaking of green sombreros, I am declaring this Thursday Green Sombrero Day! I want to see every single panda in Pandanda wearing their free green sombrero on Thursday. I will drop by during the day to hang out with my friends and take pictures. I can't wait!

Make sure to check out the two new items in the Clothing Catalog that go along with Zing Ballyhoo's prize theme. Elite members, you will want to complete your Detective outfit, because I am planning a special Elite-only Detective Party later this month. I will have more details soon!