Friday, April 20, 2012

Wackiness and Earth Day

Hi friends!

Thanks for sending in such awesome and funny Wacky Outfit Day pictures! You can see all of the wacky pictures in the April 2012 Wacky Outfit Day Album. Just click that link to view the album, and get ready to see some outrageous pandas!

I challenged you to come up with some wacky things to say during Wacky Outfit Day, and you didn't let me down! Here are some of my favorites!
Don't forget, this Sunday is Earth Day! You can do your part to help keep Pandanda clean and beautiful by picking up any trash you see on the streets of Pandanda. Steve McClean on East Market Street will always buy recyclable cans and bottles from you, and on Earth Day he will be giving DOUBLE the coins! So start picking up trash now, but wait until Sunday to sell it to Steve. It's a great way to earn some coins that you can use on Saturday, April 28th - Free Elite Member Day!