Thursday, February 16, 2012

Level 75 Parties Friday!

Wow! On September 8, 2011, RainbowRacer, Lime12101, and Blowsight10 were the first Pandas to reach Level 75 in Quests. Now, 6 months later, there are 122 Pandas who have reached Level 75, the highest Level!

I am going to celebrate that great accomplishment with two Level 75 parties on Friday! The first party will be at 10am Pandanda Time and the second party will be at 6pm Pandanda Time. You can click on each of those links to see what time the parties will be where you live. Pandas who live in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries around that part of the world will probably want to come to the 6pm party, since it will be on Saturday morning and early afternoon.

The parties will be on Palm server, which has already been Level Restricted to players at Level 75. I can't wait to chat and play games with all of you Super Questers. It's going to be Questerrific!

And don't forget, Saturday is another exciting Game Day, with double coins on all multiplayer games, and chances to win lots of Panda Gold from Moderators on Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill. Lots of fun in Pandanda this weekend!