Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Day of Friendship Festival!

Hello to all my Panda Friends!

I hope you have enjoyed the Friendship Festival this year. You still have until just before midnight Pandanda Time today to collect bracelets and trade them to Lucy at the Fishing Hole for her cool prizes! When Lucy leaves she will take her prizes with her, so don't wait!

According to your votes on the Favorite Friendship Fest Prize, the Animated Heart Sunglasses are your favorite prize, followed by the Red Heart Chair and the Purple Heart Chair.

Mod Jozie really loves her purple heart chair, animated heart sunglasses, and bouquet of flowers. Looks like her pet dragons kind of like them, too!

Hmmm, I like all of the purple hues in Jozie's tree house. I wonder if her favorite color is purple, too!

Have a pandarrific day!