Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Game Day in Pandanda!

I hope you have your bunny nets and ghost-catching backpacks ready, because you are going to need them today! During Game Day you can earn double coins for Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill, and for Pen the Pig and Line4, too!

If you find a Moderator hosting a special game of Bunny Chase or Ghosts of Misty Hill today, you have a chance to win 250 Panda Gold! You can look for Moderators (and me!) to be hosting as many games as we can fit in between the hours of 5am-8am Pandanda Time9am-12pm Pandanda Time, 2-3pm Pandanda Time, and  4-8pm Pandanda Time. Games can be on any server, and we will be jumping from server to server to give lots of pandas the chance to win! Remember, you can win ONE time from each Moderator.

I'll be in Pandanda from 5-7am Pandanda Time,  then once more from 7-8pm Pandanda Time. You can click on each link to see what time it will be where you live.

I will see you soon! Until then, check out this picture from the second Level 75 Party yesterday! We had a great time!