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Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Updates in the Furniture Catalog

Hi Friends!

I hope your 2012 has gotten off to an awesome start. I imagine most of you have started back to school after the long winter break. Work hard in school, do your homework, then come to Pandanda for some relaxation and fun!

I got a message from Zing Ballyhoo today! He said he spent his vacation looking for cool new prizes, and he is excited for you all to see them. He can't wait to set up his gold and blue tent at Treehouse Lobby, and scatter his Golden Tickets all over Pandanda for you to find! Look for him on Monday, January 9th.

There have been some updates to the House & Tree catalog. For you American Football fans out there, you can get ready for the Super Bowl with a cool football-shaped rug, as well as a whole football field and goalposts! There are also some new colors of bean-bag chairs that are great for sitting around and chatting with your friends.

I especially like the East Asian-themed items - a bonsai tree, screens, lamps, and lanterns in a variety of colors and styles. With those items, you could really turn your treehouse into a calm and peaceful place for you and and your friends to hang out. In fact, dogy4 was so inspired by them, that he quickly redecorated his treehouse into a serene -and symmetrical - home! Nice job, dogy4!
I've got some cool events planned that I will be sharing with you all very soon! And this is the place to find out first!