Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Wacky on Wednesday!

Hi Friends!

Have you gotten Zing Ballyhoo's second prize yet? It looks like Zing has snow on his mind - he must be looking forward to March of the Snowmen on Friday. Pandanda will be visited by Snowmen marching slowly all over the island (well, maybe not at Coconut Beach - they'd melt!) Plus, there will be extra Quests for you to do all 10 days that the Snowmen are marching!

This Wednesday is another Wacky Outfit Day! Go through your Pandanda closet and pick out the craziest, silliest, most miss-matched outfit you can find, then celebrate your wackiness with all your wacky friends! Take a picture of you and your friends doing something wacky (but keep it appropriate!) and send your picture to screenshots@pandanda.com. I'll pick the wackiest to go in my Blog!

Have a great week!