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Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011......

As the last hours of 2011 tick by, I've been thinking back over the fun I've had with all of you this year. There were some Festivals and special events that have become Pandanda traditions, but we also added a bunch of new celebrations during the year. Remember these?
  • March of the Snowmen
  • Tropical Break
  • Friendship Festival
  • Game Days
  • Free Elite Member WEEKEND
Questers reached new milestones during the year. In March, the first players reached Level 50 and summoned their own Dragon Companions. Maggie the Stable Master arrived in April, with new Horse Companions available to Questers. And in September, the first Super Questers reached the maximum Quest Level of 75. Questy added some awesome Quest rewards to his catalog for Super Questers!

There were lots of other nifty new things in 2011:
  • Panda Gold in January
  • New Login and Server Page theme in February
  • New ways to pay for Elite memberships in March
  • New Clothes Shopping Experience in April
  • New Treehouse Shopping Experience in May
  • Bank Vault in May
  • The NEW Henry's Blog in June
  • Facebook Photo Albums and the first Blog Poll in July
  • Coloring Pages added to the Blog in September
Well, it is around 7:30pm in Pandanda Land on New Years Eve as I publish this final blog post of 2011. I am going to pop into Pandanda for a brief visit now, and I plan to visit again tomorrow, January 1st 2012 at 10am Pandanda Time.

Since it is already 2012 in most of the world, I will leave you with this Happy New Year picture from Mod Skippers. Don't forget to log in on New Years Day for your 2012 gift! You can get it from the catalog in the Clothing Co. on East Market Street!
Party on in 2012, my panda pals!