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Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Festival Has Begun!

The Pumpkin Festival is happening now! There are so many cool things to see and do! Paige has Haunted Potions so you can turn yourself into a ghost! You can buy jack-o'-lanterns from Farmer Ned at Harvest Grove to decorate your treehouse. And have you seen all of the awesome new clothes and accessories at the Clothing Co? 

You can find Draco the Ghost in the Parlour with new Quests for you. A secret entrance to the Parlour has been added somewhere in Pandanda. Have you found it yet?

And don't forget about the candy! All over Pandanda (except in treehouses) you can find Halloween candy. Make sure to pick it up when you see it. The candy will go in your pumpkin basket on the right side of your screen, where it will show how many pieces of candy you have collected. Then head over to West Market Street to visit the Cauldron of Prizes to trade your candy for some really excellent prizes!

Visiting the Cauldron of Prizes on West Market St.
This is just the first day of the Pumpkin Festival. It will continue until November 3rd, so you have plenty of time to collect candy and enjoy the Festival!

Party on, Pandas!