Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ghost Potion Day!

BOO!!!!  Did I scare you? No?? Maybe that's because you are already a ghostly panda for Ghost Potion Day today!

What's that? You say you are not a ghostly panda? Well, what are you waiting for?! Visit Paige in Bear Hollow and buy a few bottles of her Haunted Potion, and drink it up! Instant panda ghost!

I am going to make some surprise visits to Pandanda today, and I'd love to see all my panda pals looking like spooky ghosts! You can help! When you are playing in Pandanda today, remind everyone that it is Ghost Potion Day. If someone doesn't know how to become a ghost, invite them to follow you to Bear Hollow, and introduce them to Paige. Then they can buy some Haunted Potions, too!

And pictures! I'd love to see pictures of the different rooms of Pandanda filled with ghosts! How many ghosts can you get in a room? Can you get everyone in the room to be a ghost at the same time? How about a ghost dance at the Purple Door? Be spooky and creative! You can send your pictures to screenshots@pandanda.com.