Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costume Day Thursday!

Thursday is Costume Day in Pandanda! Halloween is creeping closer and closer, so come celebrate the season and show off your favorite Pandanda costume!

I have seen some really interesting and creative costumes during the Pumpkin Festival, where pandas have taken parts of different costumes, and mixed and matched them in cool and unique ways. If you think you have a really awesome costume, send me a picture of your player card so I can check it out. You can send your pictures to screenshots@pandanda.com.

You've still got one week of Pumpkin Fest left to collect Halloween candy to trade for the items in the Cauldron of Prizes. That should be plenty of time to get all of the prizes that you want! And next week you have a chance to get 2 special gifts - one on Halloween Day and one for the two-day Day of the Dead celebration! I'll tell you more about those days soon!