Monday, July 11, 2011

Zing Ballyhoo is Back!

Everyone's favorite Golden Ticket-dropping, awesome prize-giving panda is back in Pandanda Land! That's right, Zing Ballyhoo has set up his tent at the Treehouse Lobby and is waiting to give each of you one of his unique gifts each week.

It's easy to get Zing's gifts. Just watch for Golden Tickets to appear on the ground anywhere in Pandanda (except in treehouses), then pick them up. Once you have 10 tickets, visit Zing to exchange them for a prize. You can choose his prize or coins, but you can only choose one each week, so make sure to choose carefully!

You have all week to collect 10 tickets and get the prize. Zing has a new prize each Monday, so be sure to exchange your tickets by Sunday night.