Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wacky Outfit Day!

It's Wacky Outfit Day! Now is your chance to wear all of those things in your closet that are .... hmmm .... interesting! Silly, crazy, odd, mixed-up, weird, wild, unusual - these are the words that will describe Pandanda Land today!

I want to see pictures of you and your friends in your craziest outfits on Wacky Outfit Day! Send your pictures to screenshots@Pandanda.com, and I will pick several for my blog. I'll also make a photo album on Facebook so everyone will be able to see all the cool pictures! Make sure to include your panda name in your email, so I can give you credit for your picture. The deadline to email your pictures to me is 11:59pm Pandanda Time tonight!

Get Wacky!