Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Fun the Pandanda Way!

Summer in Pandanda Land is really starting to heat up! The Summer Festival will begin next Thursday, with pineapples to collect and trade for cool prizes. And don’t forget to get Zing’s prize before he leaves Sunday night!

Check out the Pandanda Calendar - it has been updated with awesome events coming in July! And there's more surprises to come. I’ll be letting you know more about these events as they get closer.

And here’s some great news - the Henry Tracker is working! It will show you when I am online, so keep an eye on it. I will usually let you know in advance when I plan to visit Pandanda, but sometimes I like to just pop in and surprise everyone!

If you want a Henry tracker for your blog or website, just click the Images & Widgets button on the right to visit the Widgets page.

Party on, Pandas!