Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids
Pandanda Online Games for Kids

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pandas Continue Quest for Level 50!

Wow, you Questers have really been working hard! The last time I announced the pandas who have reached Level 50 was on April 20th. Since that time, as of June 1st, 68 more pandas have reached Level 50!

007NowaPanda 4tigru4 Aishaza17 alysizinha
ANDREIAHILE Aylin567 Aylin765 Bella131
berrie berriepuffy bluzzzyz bubuga
camys71 Chamber99 codycody dima111
Dindapan Dudinhafofa fifo555 Foot
henriquefp heronricardo hops icycrush8
IheartISLAM irinutza23 Jubu K2tukaru
kalafiorek kundu luisz1997 lwinlwk
LyliPanda melody345 minyme3 mirkopanda
Misslilangel mittens1 mrcrazycool MrMachoMan
pacynka pandalot panditza198 Pannu25
Pitt117 Pureheart PurpleMagic7 safej16
Sandano SirGamealo7 Solange97 sonny3
superstarz7 suzana12 Sweetcars12 sweetopo
tiko123 Tommy23456 Tornado TrAsH13
trudur Tyamadinha VoPanda Xmatthew
XxpandyxX Zinho6 zorua1 RanRan

Keep working on those Quests, and you may see your name in my Blog when you reach Level 50, too!

Don’t forget to exchange your Golden Tickets to Zing Ballyhoo for this week’s prize by midnight Pandanda Time on Sunday. The earlier the better! Monday’s prize will be his last until he visits again in a couple of months.

Party On, Pandas!